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Donation for China Earthquake


在北美的朋友们,可以通过加拿大红十字会网站用信用卡给中国四川地震灾区捐款,以下的信息是在一个论坛上看到的。我检查过这个捐款链接(https://www.paypaq.com/redcross/new/index.php),的确是从加拿大红十字会网站(http://www.redcross.ca/)连过去的。捐的时候选择China Earthquake. 不在多少,表个心意(online donation最少5加币)。 对于要缴税的老兄,这个可以免税的。 在国内的同学可以通过中国红十字总会(http://www.redcross.org.cn)捐款,不过这个网站太慢,可能捐款的人太多了(希望)。另外香港的红十字(https://www.redcross.org.hk/donationhkrc/chi/index.html )也可以捐港币。加拿大和香港的红十字会可以指定捐款给中国四川地震。



Here is Canada Red Cross donation website. In "Fund Designation" ,
ensure to select "China Earthquake".


Please fill up your contact info since they are going to mail you the
receipt for future tax deduction.

Hope you, your colleagues, and your friends to donate for this strong
earthquake to save our brothers and sisters in Sichuan, China.

Thank you very much.

On May 12, 2008, a magnitude-7. 9 earthquake rattled the eastern Sichuan

It was extremely disastrous!!

Over 12 thousand deaths and the number is jumping in one hour.

Over 26 thousands injured, and over 18 thousands are still trapped in debris just in one city.

Cities and towns are ruined or seriously damaged.

The situation of the city Wenchuan, the epicenter of the quake, is still unknown after 24 hours, because of tremendous difficulties to access.

Wenchuan is also the home to the Wolong Nature Reserve, China’s leading research and breeding base of

the endangered giant pandas.

People there need help, your help.

Please show your kindness and generosity.

For the quake relief donation, please contact Canada Red Cross and indicate China Earthquakeas the fund designation.

Canada Red Cross Donation Info:

Online: https://www.paypaq.com/redcross/new/index.php

Toll-free phone: 1-800-418-1111

  1. Su
    2008-05-14 @ 01:12

    后)。汇款时,请注明是救助地震灾区捐款(donation for Sichuan
    earthquake victims),同时将汇款人的姓名,汇款日期,所在学校
          收款人: The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
    帐号:      0005 1052-695
    开户银行:Bank of Montreal, Ottawa Main Branch开户银行地址: 269 Laurier Ave., West, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J9


  2. Yan
    2008-05-14 @ 03:59


  3. Jerry
    2008-05-14 @ 04:17


  4. Jerry
    2008-05-15 @ 01:42

    General Red Cross Response in China :
    Red Cross support to those affected by the earthquake in China has been immediate. The Red Cross Society of China began providing emergency relief assistance immediately following the quake and members of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are on the ground conducting emergency assessments to determine the needs of survivors.
    The International Federation has already allocated approximately $250,000 from its International Disaster Relief Fund to support the Red Cross Society of China in delivering immediate assistance to those affected by the quake in Sichuan province.
    The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations from the Canadian public to support the relief efforts that are already underway.
    Online donations to the Canadian Red Cross through our website are the fastest and most cost-efficient way of getting help to those affected.
    More information on the evolving Red Cross response to the earthquake in China will be posted to our website as it becomes available.
    Thank you for your support.
    How Canadian donations will be transferred to China :
    Donations to the Canadian Red Cross China Earthquake response will be used to support emergency relief efforts already underway in Sichuan province. Canadian Red Cross donations to this response will be transferred to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies who will then distribute these funds to the Red Cross Society of China directly.
    Members of the Federation are currently on the ground in China conducting emergency needs assessments. These assessments give the Federation the best information for how much money will be required to respond to the needs of those affected.. Donations to the Canadian Red Cross will then be transferred through the Federation to the Red Cross in China .
    Canadians can rest assured that their donations will go directly to those affected by the recent earthquake in as timely a manner as possible.
    Thank you for your support.

  5. Su
    2008-06-03 @ 00:44


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